Sourdough bread / wakame butter / lard spread // 19 zł

Dogwood / salsa verde / lemon // 25 zł


Beetroot / ricotta / radicchio / black currant // 45 zł

Chicory / burrata / sicilian orange / pumpkin seeds // 42 zł

Zielenica trout / roe / white radish / yuzu // 62 zł

Beef tartare / ceps olive / egg yolk /
black currant leafs // 59 zł

Duck croquettes / madeira / bell pepper / black garlic // 52 zł

Mushroom consomme / tortellini / chives olive // 45 zł

The hearts of our kitchen beat to the rhythm of carefully selected ingredients which are the foundation and inspiration of every dish we create. We combine what is Polish, strongly rooted in our culture, with what inspires us. It can be a memory, a short conversation or a work of art. Sometimes it is exotic spices brought back from a holiday, other times it is a special technique for preparing the meat. As a result, our kitchen is constantly evolving and visits to Klonn are a continuous culinary journey into the unknown.


Ravioli / ricotta / potato / winter truffle // 95 zł

Beef rib / pepper sauce / hispi cabbage / shallot // 87 zł

Octopus / butter lettuce / jalapeño / yuzu // 129 zł

Lamb rump / bimi broccoli / salsa verde / spruce // 95 zł

Halibut / bernaise / chicory / kumquat // 119 zł

Rib eye HSM Black Angus // 69 zł


Panisse fries / Parmesan / truffle aioli // 29 zł

Romaine lettuce / lemon / chives // 25 zł

Potato purée / truffle // 38 zł

Black winter truffle // 25 zł


Chocolate mousse / hazelnut / milk ice cream // 39 zł

Woodruff ice cream / pear / french pastry // 39 zł


Our wine library is the result of a carefully considered selection, as complex and varied as our menu. It is important to us that you can try something new every time. Something to spark your curiosity and appetite for more, but also to keep you coming back for a glass of your favourite special wine from time to time. Our wine list features nearly three hundred labels, including many niche items that you will only find in a handful of restaurants nationwide. 

Whether you fancy a natural orange wine with an unpredictable finish or when you prefer to sink into a timeless red Pinot Noir, our sommeliers are sure to select a wine that will linger in your memory for a long time.